Thursday, 3 October 2019


How Do All ,
                       Thanks to Andy and The Bungalow Brew Crew  , the Strong Beer has been brewed and bottled , and like most of us , the waiting got a bit too much for one of the crew boys in Melbourne .
( See the earlier blogpost on " Brewday , T & G Greenall Strong Beer 1863" ) .
Here`s Andy`s message to me from earlier today , with some pretty decent pictures of the brew as well !! ,
" G'day, Edd !
Here's my thoughts on the T&G Greenall Strong Beer so far : T&G Greenall Strong Beer 1863 Stats: OG: 1.087, FG (at bottling): 1.018, %ABV : 9.06
Ap: Clear, almost bright, burnished copper colour with rose gold highlights. Boasts a sticky white head and subtle lacing. Ar: Noble, floral aroma with hints of Turkish Delight, rose and jasmine perfume. Some earthy, spicy notes come up later, nutmeg, clove. P: Lady finger biscuits, pana di casa with red grape notes. Fruit-cake, bready fullness to the palate with only light carbonation. Before it all gets too sweet, the pine resin bitterness of the hops takes over and carries through to the finish. F: Long, lingering black tea and green cardamon bitterness, fading slowly before the next sip. Overall: Great balance for what I'd consider a barley wine in gravity and flavour. Real richness of character for a beer that finished at 1.018. Drinking very well after only two months of conditioning. Believe this will age very well.
Cheers Boys , Don`t go overboard on the Q.C of this one eh ? , remember there`s the 1862 Porter and the Walker`s Pale Ale from 1895 to do yet 🍻🍺🍻

Cheers to all the other readers of the blog , I`d love to hear from you with Brew Day Tales and Photos ,

Edd The Brew

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  1. This sounds a real treat, hope to get to it at some stage Edd. So much to brew, so little time.


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