Saturday, 5 October 2019


How Do All ,
                       I`ve had another taste test report from Andy from The Bungalow Brew Crew in Melbourne ; Here`s the S.P On the Greenall`s Porter that the crew brewed a while ago !! ,
I hope you all enjoy the photos , and Cheers to the guys for brewing this tasty treat !!

Cheers All 🍻🍺🍻 ,

Edd The Brew

Here's a tasting note and photos for the T&G Porter. I tried to get a photo catching the light through the body, but it didn't really come out..

T&G Greenall Porter 1862
Stats: OG :1.068, FG (at kegging) : 1.020, %ABV : 6.3 Appearance :
Very dark brown body, rusty red highlights held to light. Thick, tan head, beautiful lacing all the way down the glass. Aroma :
Burnt toffee, black filter coffee, baked dark bread, toasted almonds with fruity notes peeking in: dried apricot, peach, dates.
Palate :
Dark roast bitterness, rich and mouth-filling moving to malt sweetness. Marzipan mingling with sweet, strong coffee, reminiscent of Kopiko coffee lollies. Ginger and treacle entering late. Finish :
90% cocoa chocolate with light espresso roast taking this to a long, lingering bitter finish.
Really tasty porter with plenty of the toasted, roast flavours that I crave. Gets a lot of coffee notes from the brown with a good smoothness to the whole affair despite the grist being a good 26% brown malt.
I think the character is dependent on the type of brown malt used. I used a relatively darkly-kilned brown from Gladfield for this one. This is dangerously drinkable for a dark beer topping 6%ABV.

Cheers to Andy and the Brew Crew , I look forward to the next edition of the saga !! , Onya Boys 🍺🍻🍺

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