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Wednesday, 8 May 2019


How Do All ,
                       This is just a quick un , to say ` How Do ` to all the readers of the blog in the following countries ; Russia , Spain , Germany , Belgium  and , Norway .
I hope you`re all enjoying the blog ; I`ll happily feature a historic beer from your countries if I have record photo`s sent these will ,  be treated with confidentiality and not published .
 Best regards to all readers , and another special hello to the readers of the blog in Canada ;
If any of you do brews of the recipies i`ve posted , I`d love to see some photo`s and hear some brew day tales ,

Cheers All , and Happy Mashing

Edd The Brew


  1. Thanks for sharing these recipes. Have not brewed one yet, but curious if you have any 1950-60's bitter recipes from the Sheffield area?

  2. How Do ,
    No probs , I`m happy to share my research with fellow old beer enthusiasts
    As to a Sheffield area recipie from the 1950 `s - 1960 , I`ve yet to take another good look at the Tennant Brothers records I`ve got photo`s of , as there are a few candidates that can be classed as Bitters on draught ;
    Lion Pale Ale , Best Bitter ( Tennant Bros own, and Clarkson`s of Barnsley Best Bitter ) Queen`s Ale amongst others .
    Sadly I can`t find the 1927 - 58 photos I took of the Ward`s records ; and if you know of any others , I`ll happily transcribe the records to recipies if You`d be able to send some photo`s etc .
    I`ll have a dekko at the Tennant stuff and try and get one up soon .

    Best Regards , and Happy Mashing ,



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