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Wednesday, 10 April 2019


How Do All ,
                     Here`s a quick post with some photo`s of old brewing records for illustration purposes ; If anyone`s got any relatives who worked in breweries , or know of ANY old brewing records pre 1960 ; please get in touch ; I`d love to hear from you , I`m not able to travel at the moment ; but I`ll happily credit contributors and sources from public archives if you take any photo`s from archieval collections .
The records could be hiding in attics , old buildings storeage areas , Sheds , old suitcases ; allmost anywhere !!.Early record notebooks sometimes are only the size of a large pocket notebook ; With the the later Victorian era ones  , usually to be found in a quite large book , with pre printed columns for malt , hops , sugars ; Other columns could include fermentation ( Attenuation ) details , Yeast origin & pitching rate etc , Sugars (Primings), Racking and the flyleaves are also worth a look ; as I`ve found important Yeast and pitching details there , as well as some Racking Hops notes ( Dry Hopping in Trade / Maturation Cask / Vessel ) .
Please get in touch with me via the handy say ` How Do ` to  Edd The Brew button on the blogpage .

I hope that some fellow beer and brewing history enthustiasts will be able to help , and look forward to hearing from you soon ;

Cheers All & Happy Mashing ,

19 Th Century Pre Printed Brewing Ledger ,
Blank Page 

Blank Ledger Page 1950 ` s

Late C 19 Th Brewing Ledger Page

Simple 19 Th Century Brewing Book Page

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