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Wednesday, 20 March 2019


How Do All ,
                      Hope you`re all enjoying the blog posts and ; the recipies ! .
If any old beer and brewing fans would like to send me photo`s of Historic Brewing Records , I`d be happy to convert them to a historic beer recipie for you lucky mashers !.
I`ve got quite a few Historic Records from the North of England , but not many from the following areas , which have Brewing Production Records in Public archives:
Scotland ,
Internationally Important Brewing Records Collection and Archive @ Glasgow University Archives
Nottinghamshire ,
Cambridgeshire & Huntingdonshire ,
Hampshire ( V . Substantial Collections )
Kent  ( " ) ,
Oxfordshire ( " )
London ( Massive Collections @ The National Records Office ( Kew ),
                London Metropolitan Archives ,
                Westminster Archives
Somerset ,
Dorset .
There`s a bit of a black hole in publicly available Brewing Production Archives from Wales , so ANY Welsh historic records would be greatly appreciated .
I`d also love to see some historic brewing records from other countries , especially New Zealand , Australia , Canada , South Africa ; and not forgetting our friends on the other side of the pond in the U.S.A  , Though I`m only interested in Pre Volstead ( Prohibition ) Act brewing in the U.S .
   If readers would like to get in touch , there`s a handy `Contact Edd The Brew` button on`t main blog page ; I`ll happily respond as soon as possible .

Cheers All , And Happy Mashing !

Edd The Brew

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